ComplianceNet eLearning: Competition & Consumer Law, Privacy, Anti Discrimination (EEO) and Work, Health & Safety

ComplianceNet: Online Compliance Training "An excellent eLearning product. The service provided and the attention given to building a relationship beyond simple customisation and implementation was exemplary. No request was too difficult, particularly when faced with integration related challenges at our end." -- John Pane, Chief Privacy Officer, Australia Post

ComplianceNet – The Smart Way to Train Your Employees

Whether it’s business conduct as covered by the Competition and Consumer Act, Privacy or Work, Health and Safety concerns, or Workplace Behaviour issues you need to ensure that your people understand the principles and can apply that knowledge effectively.

ComplianceNet offers you a comprehensive selection of online training courses, each designed to assist with compliance in one particular area of law where significant risks are likely to arise.About ComplianceNet Programs

About ComplianceNet Programs

Competition and Consumer Law

Compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act is critical for every business.

With millions of dollars in penalties often imposed for breaches, knowledge of the key principles underlying Competition and Consumer Laws is essential for almost every employee.

Our Competition and Consumer Law program has been designed to enhance employee skills and protect your organisation against legal risk.

Program Topics include:

  • Price Fixing
  • Group Boycotts
  • AntiCompetitive Agreements
  • Misuse of Market Power
  • Exclusive Dealing
  • Third Line Forcing
  • Resale Price Maintenance
  • Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
  • Misleading Advertising
  • Implied Terms
  • Product Liability
  • Unconscionable Conduct
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Dealing with the ACCC
  • Document Control


The privacy laws protect individuals from unwanted intrusion into their private lives and guarantee fair dealing with their personal information. Failing to handle and control personal information properly is not only a breach Australia’s privacy laws but also of customer trust.

It is essential that all employees dealing with personal information understand there are severe penalties for breaching privacy laws especially those relating to telecommunications and credit reporting, which in some cases can be imposed on both organisation and employee.

Program topics include keeping and using employee records, the transfer of personal information to related companies and use of customer information within a company. The program has optional modules covering health records, consumer credit information and telecommunications.

Anti-Discrimination (EEO)

Australian law prohibits discrimination based on attributes such as race, gender, age, disability and more.

This training program explains how these laws impact on all employees, and tells them what they have to do, or avoid doing, at work. The program sets out what the laws say in a straightforward way, and with lots of examples to demonstrate how they apply in practice.

Work, Health & Safety

A safe workplace can’t just be taken for granted. This is something that takes a lot of hard work and commitment. This program has been designed to help all people at the workplace including employees, employers, contractors and visitors understand the importance of acting in a responsible way.

NetControl (Internet & email usage)

Use of the Internet and email can present problems for any business. Employees need to know how to avoid legal issues such as defamation, breaches of privacy and accessing illegal content.

Smart Contracting

Contracts are the fundamental basis of most business relationships. Every day, in every organisation, contracts are made by email, fax, letter and conversation – and not only by the legal department.

Managing the contracting process is an essential business precaution. If all the implications (and limitations) of a contract are understood by everyone involved business is more efficient, less complicated and less risky!

Key Benefits

Trusted content

With engaging, relevant and informative content developed by Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers and eLearning experts, ComplianceNet courses are aimed at a non-legal audience, ensuring your team will understand potential risks, and know when to seek further guidance.

Time and cost efficient

Our team can undertake all of the program roll-out and ongoing user administration and support tasks for you, ensuring your training is up and running quickly and efficiently, while you and your team work on other more important tasks.

Industry generic or fully customised programs to suit your exact needs

Each of our programs may be individually tailored to suit the nature of your businesses and any specific legislative requirements under which you operate. Company specific details, logos and policy documents can be easily included.

Course modules can be selected for specific target groups within your organisation so that your users receive only training content that is relevant to them. Custom content can be inserted into any course.

International versions of our Competition and Consumer Law program have been completed and can be easily modified to suit your requirements.

Mitigating risk by providing accountability

Thorough management, tracking and reporting features enable you to monitor your employees’ progress and abilities and pinpoint any problem areas.

ComplianceNet reports can provide proof to regulators and courts that you have an effective compliance training system in place.

Gilbert + Tobin have provided online compliance training programs to over 70 major Australian corporations since 1995. For further information on ComplianceNet, please contact:

Luke Woodward
Tel: +61 2 9263 4014

Simon Snow
Tel: +61 2 9263 4246

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