About G+T

Giving Back

Gilbert + Tobin understands the value of investing in people, the environment and the communities around us. To us, this is the only way to do business.
While the firm has developed its own community programs built around reconciliation, staff are encouraged to propose new projects for the firm to support.
Gilbert + Tobin works in partnership with two programs:
  • Football United – a program which uses football as ‘social glue’ to provide young people and their families who arrive on refugee and humanitarian visas with a new Australian community to call home. We are proud to support Football United through fundraising and administrative support; the provision of pro bono legal services; and staff participation at events.
  • Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) – ABCN provides structured mentoring programs for students by partnering them with business professionals. We are involved in a number of ABCN’s programs, including a group mentoring program for aspiring female leaders in year 11, a reading program with primary school kids, and a one-to-one mentoring with year 9 -10 students.

Support for community organisations

We are focused on being a part of positive social change through collaboration and partnerships rather than by simply giving money away. However, we have some longstanding commitments of which we are proud.
Gilbert + Tobin invests in innovative thinking about the shape of Australian society. As a founding partner of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law at the University of New South Wales we help to shape the law in Australia. The Centre plays a prominent, independent role in public debate on issues vital to Australia’s future including Bills of Rights, the reconciliation process and native title, and the challenges of responding to terrorism.
Gilbert + Tobin also supports a range of community organisations through a mixture of firm-auspiced and staff-initiated events and fundraisers. We are committed to leaving enough room in our workplace for our staff to bring causes about which they are passionate to work to raise money or awareness in community with their colleagues.