2017 International Insights – Energy Market Disruption and Transformation

Some commentators argue that the emergence of solar power, embedded storage and smart, distributed “plug and play” electricity grids will contribute to the most rapid and fundamental economic revolution since the internet.  Others see changes in the energy market as important but incremental, with more limited and longer term implications. 

In January 2017 G+T Competition + Regulation specialists Simon Muys and Geoff Petersen headed to the US and UK to gain a better understanding of global responses to disruptive and transformational changes in the energy market. Meeting with regulators, new energy businesses, peak industry groups, economic and legal experts, financiers and leading academics, Simon and Geoff explored different views and attitudes towards emerging energy market developments and their implications for energy market regulation -  blogging their insights along the way.

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San Francisco - Day 1 


Simon and Geoff touched down in San Francisco today to meet with senior representatives from "new energy" organisations Stem and the Advanced Energy Economy Institute.

San Francisco - Day 2


In this blog, Simon and Geoff share five insights after meeting with two local experts in the energy sector, Karin Corfee, the Managing Director - Energy from Navigant and Chris Pleatsikas from CRA International.

Week One - a West Coast Perspective

Simon and Geoff wrap up their first week after speaking with leading energy sector experts, developers of distributed energy technology, and industry bodies. 


Reforming the Energy Vision - a Boston perspective

Today, Simon and Geoff met with Lisa Frantzis, a leading policy advocate for the “advanced energy” industry, and Dr Jeff Makholm, a highly experienced economic expert.

6 energy market insights from Harvard University

Simon and Geoff donned their ‘chinos’ and headed to Harvard to speak to two leading academics who have both been heavily engaged in energy policy debates here in the US over a number of decades.  

REV in the Big Apple

Simon and Geoff have travelled from Boston to New York City. They are in NYC to find out more about the REV initiatives that are stirring up so much debate among reg-heads across the US.


The Future Vision of New York City's Energy System

Simon and Geoff take a deep dive into New York’s vision for the future of the energy system and regulatory policy and then head over to check out the Brooklyn Microgrid project.

Week Two – an East Coast perspective

Simon and Geoff outline the key takeaways from their time on the east coast, which has provided a taste of things to come - bringing home the scale of the challenge we face in modernising the energy systems and related regulatory frameworks.

A British perspective on the energy market transformation

Simon and Geoff have spent the day in London speaking to the most senior public servants responsible for energy policy and regulation here in the UK. They also met separately with Ben Eyre-White, who is the head of Electricity System Strategy for the Department.


A day of three halves


Simon and Geoff have spent the day at Cambridge and in London. Earlier in the morning, they met with Professors David Newbery and Michael Pollitt. They then returned to London to meet with UK Power Networks, before heading out to dinner with George Yarrow.

The final day of the tour


On their last day in London Simon and Geoff meet with Paul Dawson, Head of Market Design and Regulatory Affairs at RWE. Geoff also met with Nick Winser CBE, CEO of National Grid, the UK transmission business.

Week 3 – A British perspective and wrap up from the tour

The final leg of our trip took us to London, where we spent most of our time speaking to representatives of the UK Government, Ofgem, network businesses and retailers, followed by a morning at Cambridge university with two leading academics.


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