About G+T


Gilbert + Tobin has a comprehensive innovation strategy under the banner of ‘g+t <i>’. 
g+t <i> brings together the Gilbert + Tobin team with clients and startups to explore better ways of meeting the needs of our clients, new business models and more efficient business processes.
The entire approach of g+t <i> focuses on rapid prototyping and a ‘fail fast’ and learn methodology. The g+t <i> team’s R&D process moves ideas and opportunities through 3 main phases:
  • Investigate: capturing ideas of our staff, clients, suppliers and observations of market trends and performing rapid assessments on their potential for Gilbert + Tobin.
  • Incubate: dedicated resources with legal, process and technology expertise work to nurture an opportunity through the initial stages of development – building minimum viable solutions, testing with our legal staff and potentially clients, and building the case for adoption into our practice. Generally, there are 3-4 ideas at a time that are moving through this phase.
  • Implement: once a solution has been incubated g+t<i> helps to move it into ‘production’ as part of our legal practice toolkit, including relevant training and change management for our lawyers. Our lawyers are already using several productivity tools developed inhouse by g+t<i> to improve our client delivery capability and efficiency.
A core principle  of g+t <i> is that it cuts through traditional hierarchy and organisational structures to harness the individual spirit of innovation at Gilbert + Tobin with a more systematic approach to R&D. It combines strong top down investigation, seeking ideas and opportunities in processes identified as having high potential, with bottom-up energy, where individual lawyers spot opportunities and bring them for a solution.  
An example of g+t <i> in action is our recent hackathon with Westpac’s Legal and Secretariat team. Over the course of an intense 24-hour design and coding event, more than 50 lawyers and technology specialists from Gilbert + Tobin, Westpac and startup law firm, LegalVision delivered working prototypes to assist Westpac’s in-house legal team to deal with recurring and often time-consuming requests in an efficient and effective manner. Several of these prototypes are now being refined for implementation.