Even more political noise over the last fortnight, but not as many concrete developments on the ground – although a couple of developments that have occurred are significant (and there are more to come over the next week or two). This includes:

  • AEMO released its 2017 Statement of Opportunities
  • AEMC released a draft report into the further regulation of embedded networks – which has been a very busy area in the lead up to the full commencement contestability for embedded customers from 1 December.  The AER also released a handy automated web tool to help embedded network owners understand their obligations under the new embedded network manager requirements.
  •  AER released its arbitration guide under the new non-scheme pipeline access rules in Part 23 of the NGR.
  • AEMC released a discussion paper setting out its view of key, high level priority areas in the energy sector – with a view of what analytical framework and objectives AEMC believe should be targeted. An ambitious report, given the politics of energy at present.

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