A year after the firm completed its first full-scope carbon footprint assessment, G+T has taken another important step in its journey to reduce its impact on the environment, becoming carbon neutral across its Sydney, Melbourne and Perth operations. 

G+T worked with leading sustainability, energy and carbon management company Pangolin Associates to identify the source and measure the level of the firm’s Co2 emissions. The firm has purchased international standard carbon credits to offset the entirety of its emissions.

The majority of G+T’s offset investment goes towards two key projects that are playing a role in tackling climate change here in Australia and globally - a biodiversity regeneration project in Western Australia and a wind energy project in India.  As well as the environmental benefits, carbon credit generation provides employment and financial support to thousands of communities around the world.

The firm has a long and proud track record of taking action on environmental issues and is committed to continually monitoring, improving and reporting on its environmental performance. As a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA) the firm has been completing public reporting of its environmental impacts to AusLSA since 2013 and implemented its first Environmental Management system in 2015.

“Becoming carbon neutral reinforces our values and the importance to both society and business in caring for our environment. Our people are increasingly aware of their use of energy and other resources in their work through our monitoring and reporting” said Danny Gilbert, Managing Partner.

“This makes good business sense as many of our clients are working to reduce their carbon footprint, some are already carbon neutral themselves and they rightly want to make sure that their partners and suppliers share their commitments and are taking strong action to help address climate change,” added Danny.

G+T remains focused on identifying ways to reduce its overall environmental footprint.

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