Gilbert + Tobin’s leadership in transforming the delivery of legal services and embracing technology to better meet the needs of their clients has been recognised in 2017 Janders Dean Lexis Nexis Legal Innovation Index.

The Legal Innovation Index celebrates organisations and individuals that are pushing the legal sector forward through the creation and implementation of innovative practices and strategies. The Index sets a benchmark that distinguishes true innovators from the crowd, recognising those who continue to embrace change in order to shape the future of the legal sector.

Gilbert + Tobin took out the award for their on-going focus on innovative thinking - leading the way in reinventing legal processes and collaborating with clients to help deliver efficiencies and tailored solutions for their unique business challenges.

Managing Director, Danny Gilbert said the recognition reflected Gilbert + Tobin’s culture of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to exploring new ways to partner with clients.

“We are honoured to be rewarded for our leadership in creating innovative approaches to improve not only our own business but also deliver greater value for our clients and work with them to solve the challenges they are facing.

 “We continue to invest in people, processes and technologies to remain at the forefront of innovation in Australia’s legal sector.”

In 2017, Gilbert + Tobin’s team of technologists, process specialists and senior lawyers partnered with a multinational client to develop and deploy a new document management solution that has increased productivity and enabled faster, more efficient search capabilities for the company.

The firm also identified high-volume, low-complexity areas in its own practice and developed a suite of tools to improve efficiency and automate searches for client-based due diligence work. Automating these processes enables their lawyers to focus on high-value legal analysis and provide a cost-conscious service to clients.

As the first firm in the Australian legal market to develop several of these solutions, the firm successfully filed innovation patents on the Smart Litigation Search tool and Smart Domain search.

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