Two senior Competition, Consumer + Market Regulation lawyers, Morelle Bull and Geoff Petersen, together with Catherine Dermody of the Victorian Bar, have had their textbook published - Access Regulation in Australia.

The book provides a much-needed guide to regulatory access issues, explaining the regimes currently in operation and the economic and legal principles which underpin them.
It is a timely release, particularly in light of the renewed debate around the rationale for such regulation and the effectiveness of the access regimes that are currently in place. 
Regulated access is often seen as a prerequisite for ensuring that owners of critical infrastructure are not able to exercise market power in a way that prevents effective competition in related markets.  Whether it is in the energy, transport, or telecommunications sectors, access to services provided by major assets is managed by complex and increasingly mature regulatory regimes.
The book has been written as a primer on access regulation in Australia.  While there is a wealth of academic literature and a raft of information in regulatory guidelines, there is currently no single repository of information covering the why, what and how of access.  The authors have been able to draw on their deep cross-sectoral experience in access regulation matters to compile this detailed guide.

Access Regulation in Australia will be an indispensable tool to fellow practitioners in the field, both lawyers and economists, as well as those working in the areas of public policy and finance.

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