About G+T


At Gilbert + Tobin, we recognise that highly skilled people are now more mobile than ever. The days of ‘a job for life’ are long gone and the best people often feel compelled to respond to new challenges. While the firm always seeks to provide the most stimulating professional environment possible, we also celebrate the success of our alumni and count all colleagues as a vital part of the broader Gilbert + Tobin business and social network.

Gilbert + Tobin alumni are unified by our common belief that the sky is not the limit. They are talented people who have contributed to the firm’s growth and shared in our commitment to providing creative solutions that deliver the best results for clients.

That’s why Gilbert + Tobin has created an Alumni program for former colleagues to stay in touch with the firm.

The Gilbert + Tobin Alumni program:

  • Keeps you informed about interesting developments at the firm
  • Helps you build and maintain valuable professional and social networks
  • Provides an opportunity to stay in touch with the friends and colleagues that you enjoyed working with

LINK - Alumni:

If you are a former employee of Gilbert + Tobin and would like to join the Alumni program, please click here. We respect your privacy and no information will be disclosed to any third party, including other alumni.

We also welcome new ideas for developing and strengthening our alumni community. If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see included in the program, please contact us.