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<p>At Gilbert + Tobin, our team looks at technology influences as they apply to all industries. We advise on the impacts of technology on the contract structures, the laws and the corporate/commercial processes that underpin your business. Our focus, like yours, adjusts as your company and your industry demands dictate.</p>


Artificial intelligence, or “AI”, has captured public imagination in popular culture through its depiction as alternatively loving or evil. AI is already all around us - when our streaming service recommends a new film to us or perhaps when our smart phone directs us away from traffic on the way home.

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Blockchain is the tech du jour, and for good reason. Blockchain technology presents opportunities across a variety of industries and is driving a revolution in how commercial assets are handled. With new challenges and increased scepticism towards traditional intermediaries in the millennial age, a decentralised and digitally-native system for peer-to-peer transacting has emerged — blockchain.

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In its simplest form IoT connects devices to the internet and/or to one another. It has a vast range of applications, creating opportunities in sectors as diverse as mining, retail, healthcare and construction. Commercially, we understand the value of the data collected and generated using IoT.  We tailor your key contracts in order to secure the data you collect – robust confidentiality, intellectual property and liability regimes are essential.

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Cyber Security

In recent times there has been a marked shift in the perception of how to manage cyber-security.  Organisations who are subject to a breach are no longer being seen as a “victim” of a hacking crime, but delinquent actors who did not take proper steps to secure their assets. We believe that cyber-security needs to break the mould of being thought of as just an issue for the IT team and requires a multi-disciplinary team. 

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