Government is subject to a unique set of challenges thanks to the increasing speed of legislative change, the need for greater openness and responsiveness, and the push for Government departments, agencies and subsidiaries to take their cues from the corporate world when it comes to best practice.

We work collaboratively with government agencies around the world, often in sensitive areas where engagement, stakeholder management and communication are essential to getting the job done.

We have experience across the government, regulatory and commercial areas in Australia and overseas, working with a wide range of government entities on a variety of significant projects. Our ability to work with a number of parties has been enhanced by the fact that members of our team have previously held senior positions with government and the regulators. This has given us invaluable insights from the client perspective.

Our approach has worked very effectively across corporate and government clients alike. As demand for high quality service delivery increases, the cross-pollination of issues and solutions between our corporate and government clients benefits both parties.

Our strong background gained on state, national, international and private projects means that we can work as part of a multi disciplinary team with any client to achieve their policy objectives.

Our services

  • Government Transactions including Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Privatisations
  • Major Technology Projects
  • Regulatory issues and Administrative law
  • Environment and Planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commissions and Enquiries
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Property