Venture Capital

About Gilbert + Tobin

In 1988, Gilbert + Tobin was nothing more than two lawyers who had a simple mission – to build the leading Australian corporate law firm. We still have the coin that Danny Gilbert and Tony Tobin flipped to see whose name would come first. Today Gilbert + Tobin has over 700 people with offices in three cities working on some of the world’s biggest, most high profile and most complex transactions.

We know that to continue to achieve our mission we need to support the greatest companies at all stages of the corporate life cycle. How do we know this? Because helping Australia’s best start-ups grow is part of what made us who we are today. And we know it will be a big part of who we are tomorrow.

Our strategy is simple – we invest in great ideas and follow entrepreneurs through to wherever their journey leads. Our lawyers have lived our start-up journey, and have worked in the US, Asia and Australia with start-ups and venture capital funds on the full range of transactions affecting start-ups – from set up to funding rounds to exit.

Getting Started

Our job is to help you grow. When you start out, that means:

  • Setting up a structure that works for the founders and key team members
  • Protecting your ideas
  • Incentivising your employees
  • Putting the company in an ideal position for future investments.

Here’s how we do that – we offer open source documents with a variety of start-up friendly pricing options for any required tailoring work.

External Funding

  • A guide to AVCAL open source documentation – for both entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Our standard documents for angel funding rounds build on our open source documents, and we offer a variety of pricing options for angel funding rounds – for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Later Stage Funding And Flip Ups

As the company grows, we will support the company and investors in the funding rounds and help negotiate commercial arrangements that will assist the company to validate its idea, reach its milestones, scale up and ultimately add to the company’s valuation.

Many of our clients eventually move overseas – we have worked with a number of companies and investors on flip up transactions and our lawyers have direct start-up and venture capital experience in the US, Asia and the UK, allowing us to bridge the gap between jurisdictions quickly and seamlessly.


With a top-rated capital markets and M&A team, we have the experience and capabilities to assist companies and investors in navigating potential exit strategies – whether that’s a sale, a licensing transaction or an IPO. We have extensive experience running dual track sale / IPO processes and bid processes, to help founders and investors get the most out of an exit.

Life After Exits

As a full service law firm, we provide expert advice to listed companies on compliance, corporate governance, M&A and day to day operations. When a company has grown up, we can assist in navigating potential exit strategies – whether that’s through a sale to another company or going public. And after the company goes public, we want to maintain those deep relationships and continue servicing those companies by providing expert legal advice.