There is a serious amount going on in the charity and not-for-profit sector at the moment - more than we have seen hit at the same time for almost ten years.

Here is a snap shot for now with handy links to the relevant websites and papers. Keep an eye out though for more on these topics in the coming days and weeks as we delve a little deeper.  

If you want to discuss how any of these developments may effect your organisation please get in touch with our dedicated Charities and Social Sector Group at Gilbert + Tobin. 

Strengthening for Purpose: ACNC Legislative Review 2018

Treasury has released its report, Strengthening for Purpose, which sets out the outcomes of the recent review of the ACNC legislation. This is the first time the legislation has been reviewed since it came into effect in December 2012. The report makes 30 recommendations to strengthen the ACNC’s legislative framework.

External conduct standards for charities registered with the ACNC

Treasury has released draft external conduct standards, which are a set of minimum standards for conduct, governance and behaviour that ACNC registered charities must comply with when operating outside Australia or when they are partnering with others to operate outside Australia.

Draft ruling on ‘in Australia’ condition

The ATO recently published a draft ruling about the 'in Australia' requirement for certain deductible gift recipients (DGR) and income tax exempt entities. This draft ruling is not a proposed change to any existing laws but clarifies how the ATO will interpret and apply the existing provisions.

Deductible gift recipient reforms

Treasury has recently concluded a consultation process on various elements of the Government’s proposed DGR reforms, which are designed to strengthen DGR governance arrangements, reduce administrative complexity and ensure appropriate oversight of entities with DGR status.

Electoral Funding and Donation Reforms Bill

Proposed amendments have been put forward regarding the Electoral Funding and Reform Bill. The proposed amendments are set out in an exposure draft, available on the Committee’s website.

Changes to the CATSI Act

Following the technical review of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) 2006 (Cth) last year amendments have been proposed to the CATSI Act to increase accountability and reduce red tape.

Human Rights and Technology Issues Paper

In August this year the Australian Human Rights Commission released its Human Rights and Technology Issues Paper, which marked the formal launch of its major project on human rights and technology.

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